X11 Status:
 Hashrate : 1.90 GH/s
 Active Miners: 148
Scrypt-N Status:
 Hashrate : 175.74 MH/s
 Active Miners: 163
Scrypt Status:
 Hashrate : 2.74 GH/s
 Active Miners: 371

DNS changes - 11/20/2014

We'll be shutting down the old simplevert and simpledoge subdomain redirection on 11/26! Please make sure to update your miners to use the simplemulti.com domain

Pool Details
  • No registration. Use a wallet address as a username
  • Automatically exchanges mining rewards to the currency of your username address
  • Auto convert is disableable for currencies you want to keep
  • Seamless merge mining
  • 2% fee on profit-switching port, 1% fee otherwise
  • No payout transaction fees
  • Miners keep block transaction fees
  • Currency conversion fees are passed along to miner
  • Vardiff enabled + manual difficulty selection available
  • Daily payouts - Very low minimum balance
  • PPLNS payout

Current Payout Currencies

  • WDC
  • CANN
  • DRK
  • PTC
  • VTC
  • FRAC
  • RBY
  • URO
  • LTC
  • FTC
  • ANC
  • DOGE
  • SYS
  • GRE
  • MON
  • BTC
  • BTM
  • EMC2
Payouts + currency conversion info

You can mine with any valid address for a currency we pay out in.

Your earnings are (by default) converted to the currency of that address

If you want to keep a specific coin, instead of converting it, just add a payout address for it to your account.

Quick start for mining:

No registration required, payouts go to the address used as username.

Note: Username MUST be a valid address for a currency we payout in, listed here

  1. Configure your stratum client with the information below and start mining:

    URL: stratum+tcp://ca.simplemulti.com
    Port: 3364
    Username: [Your wallet address].[Worker Name]
    Password: x
    sgminer example: ./sgminer -o stratum+tcp://ca.simplemulti.com:3364 -u .worker1 -p x -I 13

  2. Check your stats and estimated payout by entering your Payout address below:
  3. If your stats are still blank after a few minutes double check your config
  4. Configure your account on your user stats page. Set addresses for currencies you don't want to be exchanged, add a donation to the pool, etc
  5. Setup advanced stats to track GPU temps and actual hashrate with Powerpool Agent

View the full configuration guide

Step 1. Pick the region nearest to you
Step 2. Pick a port
Pick a server to view available ports

 CA Ports

x11 ports:

scryptn ports:

scrypt ports:

Step 3. Set a username
Pick a currency that we pay out in
Insert a valid DOGE address Checking address validity Invalid address The server had an error attempting to validate! Valid address
Step 4. Configure your first worker (optional settings)
Alphanumeric characters only
Optional. Specifies a starting difficulty
Step 5. Configure your miner
URL: Select region above
Port: Select port above
Username: Fill in username above.worker1
Password: x
Commandline example: ./sgminer -o stratum+tcp://Select region above:Select port above -u Fill in username above.worker1 -p x -I 13
Step 6. Make sure your hashrate shows up

Stats link: http://www.simplemulti.com/stats/[Your Payout Address]

After a few minutes of mining your stats page should be showing a graph and hashrate for your miners. If it isn't, double check your configs.

Step 7. Edit your account settings

Settings link: http://www.simplemulti.com/settings/[Your Payout Address]

More configuration of your account is available on your account settings page. Including:
  • Setting additional payout addresses (this is required in order to collect some merged mining rewards!)
  • Add a donation to the pool
  • Enable privacy (hides your address on the leaderboard)
Visit the settings page for your account to get started / learn more.


Monitor your rig's health, from anywhere

This setup allows you to monitor multiple rigs easily, without setting up a pool manager, and view actual data from each of your rigs, rather than approximations.

  • Quick and easy setup, see the Installation Guide
  • View stats from rigs remotely - including WUE, Hashrate, Temps, Fan %, and more
  • Overheat/Low hashrate status indicators and email notifications
  • More features coming soon - including graphs of hashrate and temperature

Insightful statistics

Graphs broken down by worker give you a good at-a-glance picture of what is going on.

  • Easily name a worker anything you want
  • Drill down graphs to an individual worker with a click
  • Tooltips display your hash rate for each worker at a given point
  • View in 'expanded' mode to see what percentage of your hashing power each of your rigs is
  • Easily see your overall hash rate